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My Journey to $1M

A person without LIMITS


Who am I without limits?  I am healthy and I am on my way to $1M annually using clickfunnel software both as an affiliate and promoting my own products.

The really great thing is that I get to help people (particularly women) with thier businesses. I am not really a coach, but I am an idea person and an encourager. I believe in the power of the human spirit and I help people freely and with joy.

How did I FINALLY get here?

I finally stopped believeing in my limits. And it took me to age 59. I’d run businesses – small businesses – for many years.  I was a soloprenuer and when things got hard, I got small again.  But how do you get big when you keep getting small?  And why did I even do that? Because I FELT small. I thought I was small. I thought I’d never get these wonderful things, but it did finally happen. I finally believed and tore up my limits. 

And that’s the key right there. I have seriously done some stuff ya know? I have a Master of Business Administration Degree from Christian Brother’s University. I home-schooled my children. I have run a small business for 20 years. I have a 39 year good marriage to a terrific guy who supports me in whatever crazy stuff I get up to.

I have faith in God, and in my country and in everyone…and finally I have faith in myself.

But it was hard-won.  I had to stepoutside of my comfort zone. I had to hear that voice in my head and tell it to stop beating me up. I had to take it over and say “I am the voice” (thank you Tony Robbins) and I had to STEP UP and do the hard things. And you know what? They weren’t that hard once I started.  I just made myself my main client, and set out to serve me to the best of my ability.  Who knew it was gonna work?